Time Tracking

Track the time every employee spends working on assigned projects

Log Work Sessions log work session

Employees can easily start and stop work sessions on any assigned project.  They can also review sessions previously worked.  On page counter displays time started and time elapsed.



View Time WorkedView work sessions

Easily sort through all work sessions.  See completed and sessions those that are still active.  Stop active sessions with one click.  View the cash value of each work session, based upon the project’s hourly rate.  Manually edit or delete specific sessions.


Manually Create or Edit Work Sessionscreate work session

Create or edit an existing work session.  Select start date and time and end date and time.  When editing a work session there is the option to edit the hourly rate for the project.





Client Accessclient access work sessions

Grant clients access to see every work session you have completed for them.