Create clients with multiple projects.  Track each client’s account balance and utilization percentage.

Create Clientscreate client

Create a new client.  Assign them an allowed balance amount.  Set parameters for auto-generating a new invoice and tracking utilization percentage.




View Clients Listview clients

View and sort a list of existing clients.  See who needs to be invoiced based on utilization rate.  Utilization rate is a percentage difference between the client’s balance at the last fully paid invoice (0%), and the refill balance specified when creating the client (100%).


Client Contactcreate client contact

Create a client contact who has read only access to relevant information for each client’s account information.  Client contacts can see work sessions and invoices.



View All Client Transactionsclient transactions

See every transaction that has effected a client’s balance.  Create and label manual adjustments to the balance.




View a Client’s Projectsclient projects

See all of a client’s projects, including hourly rates, hours worked and assigned employees.

For more information on the clients section please see our Documentation Section