Track time and invoice clients, makes it simple!


Send professional looking invoices to your clients.  With you can:paid invoice

  • Bill for time that has already been worked
  • Bill for time that will be worked
  • Keep track of client balances in real time
  • Generate automatic invoices based on client balance
  • Create manual invoices
  • Invoice for hourly and flat-rate items



Time Tracking

Assign employees to a project and they can log time directly on log in.time tracking image
With you can:

  • Allow employees to log time directly to assigned projects
  • Time worked on a project is automatically deducted from clients balance
  • Managers and supervisors can manually update work sessions
  • Allow clients to see work being performed on any of their projects



You can assign unlimited projects to any client.  Each project can:projects image

  • Have its own assigned hourly rate
  • Have unlimited assigned workers
  • View total time worked for the project and by worker



Clients are the basis that Allinvoice is built around.  Every client can have unlimited projects and assigned workers.  Clients:clients image

  • Have a global balance, which all assigned projects draw from
  • Can have a recharge balance set, which, when reached, will automatically generate a new invoice.
  • Have their own login to see their project information in read-only form.



Easily generate reports to see how your businesses is doing.

reports image

  • Pie chart to see who your biggest clients are, and how many hours they are utilizing.
  • Outstanding balance reporting
  • Summaries by client, project and employee
  • Trends to see how things are changing over time.