virtual assistant time tracking

Time tracking virtual assistants

AllInvoice.com was created for my business after using numerous other time tracking software. The main issue was that most of the so-called “time trackers” were actually project management software, with too many features for my business. Complexity, coupled with the high monthly price, made these services less than an ideal fit.

My company offers virtual assistants to clients around the world. We bill at a flat hourly rate in set blocks of time, i.e. $10/hour in 80-hour (two week) blocks. Some clients utilize our services for only two weeks, others for two-plus years. The main challenge with using a project management time tracker was that the money we were invoicing for was not directly tied to the hours that were being worked. What’s more, figuring out who was due to be billed next was difficult. As funds were added to a client’s account after having an invoice paid, the total amount billed would increase over time, while the percentage of what was available would get significantly smaller. For example, we would bill a client $800 for 80 hours of work. When the account balance reached $400 we would see that 50% of the budget was consumed. However, if that client stayed with us for five months, billing $8,000 total, with $400 remaining in the account balance, we would see 95% of the budget was used up.

After an exhaustive search I was unable to find software that would provide my business with what it needed. I decided to work with a developer to create a solution that would not only work for my business, but for other businesses that invoice hourly for work. My company has been using this product in-house for over a year, and now due to requests from clients and other businesses in the same predicament, I am offering it as a service to others.